Stopping Climate Change Starts on Your Plate

With this provocative statement, we started into a teaching unit about veganism – with connection to the current semester’s topic “Saving the planet”. Not only did we find out that food is a real driver of Climate Change (e.g. a kilogram of beef emits 71 kilograms of CO2 equivalents compared to the same amount of potatoes emitting only 0,5 kilograms) or that 98% of the animals in livestock breeding are suffering throughout their existence but also that a plant-based diet has astonishing positive effects on the human body. Inspired by the documentary “The Game Changers” (a free version is available on YouTube: ) one of the students went vegan instantly after watching.

The lessons culminated in a debate on whether the world should go vegan or not. With eloquence and profound background knowledge, the two teams of the debate fought a hard battle against each other and were rewarded with vegan food afterwards – thanks again to all who contributed to this tasty “picnic”. 😊