It could be worse

After we had covered Ireland’s geography, history, traditions, fairy tales and songs for a couple of weeks in our English lessons (E-Phase), we decided that it was about time to experience an essential part of Irish culture firsthand.

Therefore, we met at the Irish Pub at the Europa-Center last Wednesday, were we did what the Irish usually do in such “public houses” (short: pub): enjoying some drinks,  doing a quiz (to test our knowledge about the country) and chatting gleefully about this, that and the other – while Manchester City was playing against RB Leipzig on the screens.

Inspired, we even started to plan a trip to Dublin at the end of this semester! 😊

According to Heinrich Böll’s “Irisches Tagebuch“, one of the most famous Irish sayings is “It could be worse”. Well, after that evening, we can all agree: English lessons REALLY could be worse.


(Carmen Schreier, Kursleiterin)